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Implant Structure

The implant is divided into artificial tooth, abutment and crown.

Top Crown

As a finishing treatment for the implant, it will raise the tooth head (crown), which is the final prosthesis of the tooth model.

Rent Middle

Connect the artificial tooth and crown. After the artificial tooth root placed in the gum is smoothly applied to the oral cavity Connect it.

Bottom Artificial tooth root

The central axis, which is the pillar of the implant, is the structure that corresponds to the root of natural teeth, and serves as a support for implantation in the gum bone. Connect the artificial tooth and crown. The artificial tooth root placed in the gum is applied to the oral cavity and then connected.

Implant Therapy

  • all tooth implants

    If you do not have any teeth, a method of implanting an appropriate number of implants and securing an artificial tooth prosthesis is called a maxillary implant. It does not need to be worn and worn, and can be used similar to the original natural tooth, which is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Navigation implant

    Surgical method using the navigation principle. Navigational implants can be digitally diagnosed to look for proactive risks and to see the full course of treatment. It is also a procedure that analyzes the diagnosis plan and uses a custom navigation guide device before the procedure.

  • Sleep implant

    Sleep implants are scary and are recommended for those who are afraid of implant surgery. However, if you have systemic diseases such as elderly people, heart disease or brain disease, you should make a decision after consulting your doctor.

  • high blood pressure, diabetes implants

    The CT images of the patient are used to simulate the implant on the computer to determine the location of the procedure according to the patient's teeth, jawbone, and pubic bone conditions and apply it to the actual procedure. Minimal incisions are made to only those areas that are needed during the procedure, which reduces the risk of infection in diabetics and can quickly recover from wounds.

  • day implants

    The recent implant trend is to minimize the amount of time spent on implants, and immediately after the teeth are discovered, implants are settling on the same day (one day). Due to the development of implant materials and diagnostic equipment, it is the same day implant that does not lag behind the success rate when compared to the delayed implant.

  • insurance implant

    Beginning in November 2017, for patients aged 65 and older, it will be covered by 30%, the same amount as the dentures. Treatment areas are applied to all local teeth, regardless of the lower teeth, only if the preposition (front teeth) cannot be cleaned. Payroll applications are limited to two lifetime per person.

AKPLANT Implants Special

  • 01

    Representative President directly

    The implant of AK Plant is a consultation system of two experienced presidents and specialized medical staff in each field, which adds the trust of many patients with rich clinical experience, high implantation success rate and satisfaction, and many cases of treatment.

  • 02

    leading-edge technology
    Cadcam System

    The Cadcam system uses three-dimensional oral scanners to create conditions within the mouth.
    You can scan it yourself, and then use the computer's cadd program.
    3D scans, dedicated milling machines.
    It's a system for making prosthetic materials.

  • 03

    1: 1 custom implant

    In cooperation with dental laboratories and generous investment in advanced equipment, we produce comfortable, safe and durable prostheses close to natural teeth.

  • 04

    using a prismatic bone.
    Bone transplant implant procedure

    If the gums are weak or lacking, make up the bones of the gums.
    You can proceed with implants, which is called bone graft implants.
    Implant bone grafting supplements are mainly used in the self-organization.
    In case of a self-bone, it is your own bone, so there is no rejection.
    The burden of infection is relatively low.