Conservation Therapy AK PLANT DENTAL CLINIC

Conservation Therapy is a department that allows you to preserve and use your own teeth without extracting the damaged ones.

Conservation Therapy

Our AK Plant Dentist's preservation treatment will help you to maintain natural teeth as much as possible and make strong and beautiful teeth.

  • Root canal treatment

    Root canal treatment (neurotherapy) is a treatment that does not cure and repairs damaged or diseased nerves, but rather to cure sickness and prevent recurrence by removing the diseased pulp, disinfecting the interior of the neural tube, and then filling the space with other artificial materials.

  • Tooth trauma

    It is an area for the treatment of fractures of teeth and roots of teeth, damage to tissues around the teeth caused by trauma Specialized treatment for trauma helps to smooth the rough surfaces and repair them with composite resins in case of large defects.

  • Aesthetic Restoration

    Nowadays, the demand for aesthetic restoration is increasing, and resin is applied to various ranges such as alveolar caries or occlusal posterior teeth due to the development of dentin adhesive of teeth and material properties.

Specialty of AKPLANT Conservation Therapy

  • 01

    Intensive care in the field of conservation

    You can see the director of the Ministry of Health and Welfare certified conservation specialist.

  • 02

    Life Extension of Natural Teeth

    Solve the problem of the root pain in the teeth, and make optimal use of natural teeth as long as possible with optimal preservation treatment Treat without excess medical care.

  • 03

    Proven Restorative Materials

    Numerous clinical trials will produce a strong tooth by selecting a restorative material that will keep your teeth as comfortable as possible.

  • 04

    Thorough aftercare / prevention management program

    After the treatment is over, we provide thorough follow-up care and help prevent dental health with a preventive care program.