Dental prosthesis AK PLANT DENTAL CLINIC

Tooth damage, loss due to various factors such as dental caries, periodontitis, trauma, etc. replaces the surrounding tissues with artificial prostheses to restore various oral functions such as chewing, pronunciation and aesthetics.

Prosthetic treatment field

At AK Plant Prosthetics, the materials and characteristics of the prosthesis are applied differently according to the position and role of the teeth, so that the optimal treatment takes into consideration the chewing function, pronunciation and aesthetics.

  • General prosthetics

    It is a treatment field that restores aesthetic function and comfort by treating teeth or dentures in case of damage or defect of teeth and surrounding tissues.

  • Aesthetic prosthetics

    It occurs when there is discoloration of the teeth, abnormal shape, and spaces between the anterior teeth. It is a healing field.

  • Maxillofacial prosthetics

    It is a therapeutic field that rebuilds aesthetic function and comfort against defects in the oral and maxillofacial areas due to trauma / illness.

AKPLANT Specialty of dental prosthetic treatment

  • 01

    Intensive care for the president of the prosthetic field

    You can be treated by the Director of the Ministry of Health and Welfare certified prosthodontics.

  • 02

    Digital (CAD / CAM) system

    The prosthesis of AK Plant is designed to produce 3D images of teeth taken with a special camera and using the latest 5-axis milling machine. Prosthetics are produced quickly and precisely. This customized patient's prosthetic design data is kept in the dentist and can be rebuilt.

  • 03

    Use of proven zirconia

    The zirconia of AK Plant is closest to the color of natural teeth and the physical strength is very good. (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Certification)

  • 04

    Thorough aftercare / prevention management program

    After the treatment is over, we provide thorough follow-up care and preventive management programs to maintain dental health. To help.