Introducing the preventive care program. AK PLANT DENTAL CLINIC

Dental prophylaxis is a method of preventing and caring for tooth decay and gum diseases that are easily caused by bacteria in the oral cavity. Prevention is of paramount importance to stay healthy for a long time without losing precious teeth.

Why you need continuous oral care

Will it be a simple oral problem?
  • dementia

  • diabetes

  • stroke

  • timesrisk of cardiovascular disease

  • rheumatoid arthritis

  • 치료시간&비용

*If periodontal disease is neglected, the cost of treatment and period increases
Periodontal disease should not be thought of as swelling and bleeding gums. If left untreated, a chronically advanced periodontal disease may cause the teeth to fall out on their own. It takes a relatively long time and a lot of money to produce the same number of teeth as before they are lost. Therefore, even if there is no great discomfort, you should regularly visit the dentist from a young age to check the oral hygiene and manage the periodontal health by scaling.

What is dental prophylaxis?

  • 01

    Adult Standard Oral Examination

  • 02

    Dental Bacterial Examination

  • 03

    Tartar Removal

  • 04

    Professional Gum Care
    (Watanabeit Brushing)

  • 05

    Oral supplement education

  • 06

    Fluoride application

  • 07

    Dental nutrition cream

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